6 Things You Will Probably Understand If You Hate Shopping

Shopping is not everyone’s cup of tea and I know there are a lot of people who doesn’t like to go for shopping. To be honest, I’m one of them

If you are also someone who just hates to shop, then here are a few things you will definitely understand –

  • You hate to wait for the other one to finish shopping – Let’s face it. We all just hate to wait for them to finish their shopping. Because you know, it is just too annoying to see someone trying 10 dresses and end up buying a hair clip! Woof!
  • You rather like to recycle than to shop – Shopping is quite irritating and so we would rather like to recycle our stuffs than to buy new items. Like the shirt you are wearing today, will be your nightwear after a month. See! Clever isn’t it?
  • You find nothing good – You never understand why people go crazy over a dress or something new in the market. You just never understand the idea of being excited over a piece of clothes or a shampoo bottle! Dear God!
  • You get sudden anxiety attack after you spend 10 minutes in the store – Well, you just cannot take it anymore. You lose the will to live and you want to run away from the place as soon as possible.
  • You never understand the price tags – What, $1000 for a shoe? Why does anyone have to pay so much on something which would only be worn once or twice? I feel your pain. Happens to me too. I would rather eat with that thousand dollars. Won’t you?
  • You already know what you want – In case if you go for shopping, you never ever try anything out and you don’t have to choose anything. You already know what you want.

These are some things we who hate people understand. Agree with me? Tell us your story in the comment box below.